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Don't Be A Tourist, Be A Guest To Ghana All Year Round

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou

You are not on this page by chance, a real new experience is available for you to encounter. Your perspective about life is about to change. Tourism is about to make sense to you. A new and different Africa, free of wars and disease and famine and the negativity is about to unveil itself to you -  The place to visit now is Ghana.

Like  the great American poet Maya Angelou says in the quote above, it is through travel that bigotry, stereotypes, misconceptions and even the fear of each other can be dealt with. So travel and see the world. Going to Africa has never been scary. You just did not know!

According to the New York Times newspaper, Accra the capital city of Ghana was the fourth best place to visit in 2013.

"Akwaaba" Welcome to Ghana

We have been providing specialized holiday packages for well over 25 years to people from all over the world and have provided the link to many individuals and groups to see and enjoy a different kind of Africa. 

You learn about the people and their culture, visit historic sites such as Elmina and Cape Coast castles, visit a gold mine, enjoy the great beaches and national parks, learn to cook delicious dishes, the local language, drumming and dance, textile printing, or even have a go at the weaving a strip of the famous Kente cloth. 

Ghana perhaps offers the visitor (we call guest) the best opportunity of rediscovering who they are. Ghanaians (as people of Ghana are called) are the friendliest people on earth and every visitor loves the spirit and rhythm of this great people. No one visits Ghana and comes back disappointed. You will be touched somehow by the beautiful land and its people.

With a rich history steep in tradition and a great cultural heritage, Ghana offers especially people of African descent the best welcome back to Africa. Ghanaians (sometimes to a fault) believe it is their responsibility to welcome every visitor they meet to Ghana.  “Akwaaba” which means welcome back is a word you will hear all the time during your stay in Ghana.

Ghana offers you all that you want to see. A wonderful people with a rich cultural heritage as well as a beautiful environment to enjoy.

President Bill Clinton in 1998, described his welcome to Ghana as he made a six-nation tour of Africa,   "one of the warmest welcomes of my career. It was the biggest crowd he had addressed"  You need not be a former president to receive such a welcome. Ghanaians are the most welcoming people on earth.

 A visit to Ghana changes your perceptions of life and the smiling faces of the people you meet, the history you encounter helps you to understand humanity better.

Ghana is a very safe country to visit. Many visitors from Europe and North America are surprised to see women walking and enjoying themselves in the streets late in the night. Until recently people slept without shutting their front doors. Criminal cases are climbing but the levels are no where near what prevails in Europe and North America. 

Insight Travel and Educational Services is ready to take you to Ghana for an adventure of a lifetime. Come with us so you can re-discover yourself. We do not promise you all the luxuries of other parts of the world but we present you with a great, proud people with open arms and  hearts always ready to welcome everyone-Akwaaba.       


Do you enjoy dancing?

“While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of mans humanity to man.” 

― Maya Angelou

Walk the Kakum park Canopy walkway one of 3 in the world

Drumming lessons too are enjoyable

Bill Clinton enjoys Ghana

Come along, see Ghana and enjoy your own Presidential welcome with us- AKWAABA.

Ghana An African Portrait Revisted
Click On picture to buy this great book on Ghana

Check this website for good news about Africa:

Wonderful Ghana affects the Clintons

George Bush admires the culture (gold) and people of Ghana

Students of Waring High School, Boston learning traditional dances

 See traditional law in action, spend some time learning about Kente Weaving, traditional drumming and dance or just savoring a flavor of the many aspects of Ghanaian culture.

Come see the unique shaped coffins of Accra

Wonderful beaches

Ghana is a wonderful place, every one says so "Ghana is difficult to flaw...Ghana boats a circuit so varied and compact that it might almost be seen as the offering a microscosmic first taste of Africa" -Philip Briggs, Bradt Travel Guide, 3rd edition 2004.

In Ghana even the monkeys are hospitable

Larabanga mosque


"Africa's best-kept tourism secret is being gently exposed with such art, that hopefully will tempt you to visit and see for yourself."

-- J. O. Obetsebi-Lamptey
Former Minister, Tourism & Diasporan Relations (2006)

We make your stay an enjoyable experience.
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If in Ghana talk to Martina on 0277424244.

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